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About Us

Resolveit is a new strategic local branding established in 2019. This initiative was established and created as a result of a joint venture of JIDHost and FTStudio to provide a greater spectrum of unified IT solutions to meet the demand of the industry in the arena of cloud, cyber defences and managed services such as web hosting, web design and development, digital marketing, web and network infrastructure maintenance, code analysis, compliances, Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for OS network and applications.

Established in Singapore since 2000, ResolveIT has an excellent track record of fine-tuning, streamlining and optimising business processes with the use of business intelligence tools and software, revolutionising and transforming businesses with information technology.

As a systems integrator, we offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions for corporations across different industries such as the financial, telecommunications, healthcare, oil and gas, manufacturing and maritime industries ECT.

We value customer feedbacks and rectify every issue within the Service level agreement. We take pride in our professional services and strife to achieve 5/5 stars ratings on customer satisfaction. We have customer ticketing system that allows our clients to rate our services and write feedbacks to us. Our team of specialists and engineers are well-trained and skilled in various aspects of IT so as to provide multifaceted and feasible solutions that are customisable to all industries, with the objective of enabling greater operational and cost efficiencies for our clients.